Thursday, January 30, 2014

Domaine De Fontsainte
Corbieres 10'

Naked Wine Review 138

Wine: Corbieres Rouge " Reserve La Demoiselle"
Grape Varieties: Carignan 70%, Grenache Noir 20%, Mourvedre 10%
Producer: Bruno Laboucarie
Vintage: 2010
Region: France>Languedoc-Roussillon
Appellation(s): Corbieres, Corbieres Boutenac
Price: 17.00
Date tasted: 1/25/14
Place tasted: I was somewhere. There was a woman with me and she kept singing an ancient song in Chinese that made my teeth itch. She wore a powder blue dress and carried a red rose. The rose symbolized truth in memories; the dress was the soft harmonious connection among all energies; but the song was a warning to pay attention to that which is right in front of you when you stop seeing life through your cell phones eye. I thanked her for her painful song of wisdom and we sipped wine together in silence for a while. 
Served with: Vegetable wafers with Asian duck stuff. Goes well with more challenging flavors and spices. Try with bold cheeses such as bleu, super dark chocolate things, and any variety of grilled red meats and strong herby dishes.
Appearance: So deep and black you can't see the bottom of her mysterious pool. If you crunch her with light you'll find a heavy fuchsia drenched in wet dark purple.
On the snoot: A bouquet of wild flowers and cedar mixed with the slightest hint of black current. 
Taste: The journey begins with a mouthful of earth and pepper haunted by the soul of blossoming hyacinth. A quiet mist of dark fruit adds its blessing to the other elements completing the complexity of her spirit. Finish is very dry with polished soft leather tannins, sandalwood, and drops of sweat from a muscular naked ebony god. Very nice.
Balance: Jagged edges form at the top of her swell before slow thick bulbous legs texture the sides of your glass. Her personality is dry and bold. Acid, tannins, and alcohol combine in a beautiful way with no residual sugars to compromise her sincerity. 
Comments: A unique and interesting wine experience. Challenging, thought provoking, and all around delightful. 

Rating: 4 tipsys