Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vega Oliveras Tempranillo
Vino de la Tierra 09'

Naked Wine Review 75
Wine: Tempranillo>Vino de la Tierra 
Producer: Vega Oliveras
Vintage: 09'
Region: Spain>Castilla La Mancha
Price: 12.00
Date tasted: 3/16/11
Place tasted: I was happily reconnecting with my frined, Kapinjala, a bird that lives on raindrops.
Making merry with she and her handsome flock, we sang with cheese, danced with children, and drank fine wine into the evening. A sparkling bonfire captured what was left of our energy invoking peaceful smiles. We always celebrate the good things in life, because that's how we roll. 
Serve with: Among other wonderful things were 'No Woman' and 'Flagship' Cheese by Beecher's Handmade Cheese. The homemade caraway-sage bread was delightful.
Appearance: Meaty strong naked legs saunter slowly down the sides of your glass. Cher says it has a Lavender shimmer and I agree. A lavender shimmer floating atop rich thick purple blood. It's enough to make your inner vampire drool.
On the snoot: Clean and snappy cherry surrounded by an aura of oakiness.
Taste: A dark melodrama of fruit on impact mellowing into a more defined formation of plum and spice, dusted with vanilla. It's really more spice and wet forest than fruit though. Oak and fine, earthy tannin embrace the palate on the finish which lasts about the length of a perfect goodnight kiss. 
Balance: Nice structure. Light and free but still connected to the Earth. Sort of like a kite for the palate to play with.
Comments: This review was composed over two months ago. I remember like it was yesterday. It's been a very magical couple of months, but oh how I miss my Kaya Katwoman =^..^=  I will call and sing your song to you as often as I can until we are reunited, my dear dear friend. Kaya Kaya, for the rain is falling....
Rating: 3.4 tipsys

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