Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colonia las Liebres Bonarda 09'

Naked Wine Review 74
Wine: Colonia las Liebres Bonarda
Producer: Altos las Hormigas
Vintage: 09'
Region: Argentina> Mendoza
Price: 9.00
Date tasted: 5/13/11
Place tasted: In the eye of a rainbow hurricane. That quiet peaceful moment when the world stands still just long enough to catch your breath and give it some quality time. Breathing is great. Colonia las Liebres is great as well. It means Colony of Rabbits. 
Serve with: Argentinian Pot Roast. Actually it would be marvelous with any red meat or tomato based pasta dish.
Appearance: Dense garnet with extreme purple refractions. She's a smooth and charming wine with highly viscous legs that cling to the sides of your glass like a Nattie to a Chuck. 
On the snoot: I pretty much just picked up strawberry, some strawberry, and maybe just a little strawberry. 
Taste: This lovely vino caresses and sings to the receptive naked palate in juicy notes of mixed berry and cracked pepper, with just a hint of cardamom on the exhale. Yummy stuff. Upon finishing she curls up in a warm blanket of silky tannins and fades from your awareness like watercolor rain into a beautiful dream. 
Balance: Very well balanced, in fact, she has such incredible balancing skills, I once saw her roller skating on the branch of a Madrone tree while it was swaying in a wind storm outside my bedroom window. Amazing! You should have been there.   
Comments: She's a test tube baby, no wood involved. Sip and enjoy the unoaked pure expression of the Bonarda grape. If you find yourself on Orcas Island, you can locate this stuff at Country Corner Cellars.
This review is in honor of my sisters birthday.
A toast: You are a kind and gentle blessing to everyone lucky enough to know you. May You live forever and I never die
Happy Birthday Molly
cin cin.
Rating: 3.7 stars

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