Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Excelsior Cabernet 07'

Naked Wine Review 73
Wine: Cabernet 
Producer: Excelsior
Vintage: 07'
Region: South Africa
Price: 8.00
Date tasted: 3/15/11, 'Beware the Ides of March'
Place tasted: I was at a military parade on Mars, in the company of a very large crowd of, shall we call them, people. Raised up high in the clutches of their right hands were rainbow colored fire sticks. In my right hand, held close to my heart, was a glass of Excelsior Cabernet. In the crowd, but not of the crowd.  Where else would I be?
Serve with: Would go nicely with a summer barbecue featuring any quality meats of the red variety. 
Appearance: A crystal clear deep plum purple.
On the snoot: Imagine standing next to someone who is eating a grape popsicle in a vintage guitar shop which also carries a variety of fine tobacco products. I find it a very comforting snoot.
Taste: Bursting with plum, then tastefully followed by hints of tobacco and licorice spice wafting around an etherial naked beach. Finishes a little quickly but on a kind and gentle note. Like a lovers full wet kiss before escaping through an open window, thus maintaining discretion.
Balance: This wine has the legs of Betty Grable, however, her lack of tannins and acid dub her a little uninteresting to the Wine Witch. 
Comments: People who don't like red wine, would probably like this one; for that matter so would people who do. It's a nurturing, gentle spirited, proper lady of a wine.
The snoot invoked the memory of a place that is no longer in my birth town called 'the Guitar Shop Winery', where I first learned to play the guitar AND where I first learned how to make wine...and boy, did I ever have some beginners luck! I wish you could have been there, but you probably weren't even born yet, you cheeky bastard. So I'll offer up a toast to Tom & Abby, wherever they are. May they be happy and free.
Rating: 3.4 stars