Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cooper Hill Pinot Gris 09'

Naked Wine Review 76
Wine: Cooper Hill Pinot Gris
Producer: Cooper Mountain Vineyards
Vintage: 09'
Region: Oregon>Beaverton 
Price: 14.00
Date tasted: 6/2/11
Place tasted: Bob and I were trying to tune the piano he keeps at his summer home looking out over the Bay of Lemuria. We could not agree on the Railsback Curve in the upper register so we decided we'd just call in a professional tomorrow. What a great opportunity to share a nice bottle of wine, a delightful meal, and that amazing view! It was much more fun than the Railsback Curve, no matter how fast you take it.
Serve with: Appetizers such as Brie on water crackers topped with rose hip butter, gala apples, nectarines, pears, dried cranberries, pecans, smoked salmon, and any fruits, cheeses, and meats subtle in character.
For a main course try the Lavender Salmon recipe. It's a beautiful thing. Just don't throw a lot of challenging spices or foods that overpower the palate at her or you will compromise her lovely subtle charms.
Appearance: She sparkles in your glass like a Champagne Diamond. 
On the snoot: Soft etherial lilly of the valley and citrus combine and seem to actually bless the thousand spoked crown of your head as you inhale. That's the effect it had on me anyway. 
Taste: Opening notes of grapefruit and arugula dance lightly in a summer pear tree. Mid palate gives way to dense citrus drizzled with honey leading into a gentle, clean finish. 
Balance: She sports a light to medium and fairly athletic naked body. Between acids and sugars, there is no short straw. Very well balanced.
Comments: Oregon does Pinot extremely well. I'm looking forward to trying the Cooper Hill Pinot Noir soon. You should probably go get yourself a bottle of this and celebrate a warm summer evening with a gentle moonlit picnic. 
When the sun closes his eyes and allows the moon to rise, I walk alone a path all my own in freedom and in peace.
Blessed be the nightcrawlers, for the path with a heart sometimes shines brightest in moonlight. 
Rating: 3.7 tipsys

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