Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Terre Di Plinio Sangiovese 11'

Naked Wine Review 145

Wine: Umbria IGP Red Wine
Grape: Sangiovese
Producer: Donini
Vintage: 11'
Region: Italy>Umbertide
Price: 10.00
Date tasted: 5/26/14
Place tasted: I was riding a white ostrich through the valley of the shadow of death, laughing at the fireflies and howling with the voles. We took rest and drank from the glistening stream of hope, and in the dim moon light I sipped wine and visualized Ballard. How could I not?
Served with: Foods with lots of acid and zip to them. Pasta with tomato sauces; grilled meats and roasts; or antipasto and hors d'oeuvres, such as baked artichoke dip, baked cheese olives, and easy tasty layered dip.
Appearance: She's scantily clad in a veil of clear vibrant garnet with rusty orange edges.
On the snoot: Heavy with ripe cherries, vanilla bean, star anise and creosote.
Taste: Delightful blend of cassis, cocoa, pipe tobacco and tar with a dash of salt. Light and dry yet complex and powerful with tons of cute fuzzy little tannins that purr as they are stroked through a long finish of masterfully muddled scents, flavors, and textures. 
Balance: Light and dry with gentle acids, no residual sugars, lively alcohol, and a plethora of scrumptious tannin. 
She sports a beautiful body with chorus line of deliberate, organized and symmetrical naked legs. 
Comments: Thank you once again to the experts at Wordens Wine Market in Missoula Montana for helping me chose yet another winner. If you can find this in your neighborhood for god sakes buy some. It's seriously good and wonderfully food friendly.    

NOTE: If it walks like a chianti and quacks like a chianti, it's probably sangiovese.

Rating: 4 tipsys, excellent value