Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Estancia Chardonnay 12'

Naked Wine Review 144

Wine: Estancia Chardonnay 
Producer: Estancia Winery
Vintage:  12'
Region: California>Central Coast>Monterey County
Price: 12.00 
Date tasted: 5/7/14
Place tasted: I was in a lush green meadow enjoying the company of a new friend who wore the most charming golden earring. Refreshments of ripe strawberries, Camembert, and a chilled bottle of delightful chardonnay rested at blankets edge while the late afternoon sun warmed our naked little toes. As afternoon turned to evening a brand new happy place was born and the taste of kisses, sweat and wine still flavor the edges of my memory. 
Served with: Camembert and strawberries. Would go well with cream sauces, chicken, seafood, soft cheeses and more subtle and delicate flavors, such as mushroom & pine nut risotto.
Appearance: Like a glass full of gentle moonlight with a glowing honeydew shine.
On the snoot: Ripe tropical papaya, with a breeze of honeysuckle and rain drizzled in caramel. 
Taste: A tropical fruit bowl that catches your attention while intertwining with kiwi and melon. She has an enchanting creamy smooth nature and fruity finish that comforts the palate in a sincere lingering afterglow. 
Balance: Muted acids and brightened sugars practically give her angel wings; very well balanced and supple bodied. Mountain ridges form and then slowly melt down the sides of your glass like a moving landscape. 
Comments: A sexy well crafted wine. Marilyn meets Jayne meets get the idea. I would chose this chardonnay for any white wine occasion, but especially when romance is on the menu. 
Ah spring! I wish you all happiness and love.
Cin Cin.

Rating: 4 solid tipsy's

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