Thursday, May 9, 2013

missoula soul red 09' & 10'

Naked Wine Review 120

Wine: Missoula soul red
Region: A melange of four lovely grapes from Washington's Columbia Valley
Vintage: Some 09' and some 10'
Producer: Missoula Winery
Vinted and Bottled: Missoula Winery>Missoula Montana
Price: 15.00
Date tasted: 5/5/13
Place tasted: I woke up in Kenya all spotted and alone; stretched my paws and waved my tail like a magic wand that could raise the sun on the Masai Mara. Ah, to have a tail again! to move in the form of a redeemable being. 
High in a tree and mowing down on Impala tartare, I was watching you as you sipped on bulbs of red nectar and giggled unaware…in general…silly humans. 
Served with: Marinated rosemary orange pork chops, grilled is best. Would pair well with lighter subtle earthy flavors such as mushroom, duck or salmon; mild red meats are also a good choice. 
Appearance: Deep cherry red with rusty orange refractions and a golden aura.
On the snoot: Bold snoot of dense cherry, fresh cut grass, and vanilla.
Taste: Nice, dry and fruit forward with ripe juicy cherry. Rich and slightly tart with gentle vanilla whispers on the exhale. Soft shy tannins gracefully emerge as she opens up. Finish is a slow montage of the subtle complex and well integrated flavors throughout…smooth and beautiful. 
Balance: Medium bodied with slow, lava lampy legs. She's a Goldie Locks 'just right' wine, very well balanced. 
Comments: I'd tell you what grapes were used but it would take all the fun out of guessing. Go to for more information. 

Rating: 4 naked tipsys