Friday, May 24, 2013

Chateau Ste Michelle
Dry Riesling 11'

Naked Wine Review 121

Wine: Dry Riesling
Producer: Chateau Ste Michelle
Vintage: 11'
Region: Washington State>Columbia Valley
Price: 10.00
Date tasted: 3/19/13
Place tasted: A hoot owl echoes in the distance over traffics buzzing rush hour. The owl knows truth instinctively. The traffic carries ambition, insecurity, anger, and false identities down the road on its raging current. Suddenly a murder of crows take over a near by tree and the Katwoman begins to chatter in focused enthusiastic observance of them. I hear myself chuckle within my own observance as I ponder and sip on a soul soothing vessel of this delightful dry riesling.
Ah, life!
Served with: I had it with 'A Kind of Keema Curry'. Brie & fruit snacks; white fish; Thai or Indian curries; fried chicken; and apple pie would all work well with this one.  
Appearance: Effervescent clusters of tiny bubbles suspend and coat the glass trapping your vision in a liquid galaxy of pale moonlight.
On the snoot: A charmingly subtle snoot. Imagine a large bowl filled with colorful citrus fruits on an old oak table with a large bouquet of fragrant Iris along side. That's it.
Taste: Juicy pear with banana on the exhale overlaid with a twist of lime. Bright, crisp, and dry throughout. Finishes on a long powerful high note with interesting nuances of citrus and gooseberry pie. 
Balance: is lightweight and graceful. She shows an impressive trio of elements blending to please the palate . Sugar, acid, and alcohol sing in perfect harmony. 
Comments: An excellent summer naked picnic wine. Thirst quenching and happy in character. Ste Michelle can do no wrong in my world. 

Rating: 4 glowing tipsys