Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sir Paz Estate
Parker Road Bin 8 07'

Naked Wine Review 117
Wine: Parker Road Bin 8
Grapes: Shiraz/Merlot
Producer: Sir Paz Estate
Vintage: 07'
Region: Australia>Victoria>Port Phillip>Yarra Valley
Price: 29.00 is average online
(on sale for 17.00 at Pattee Creek Market, Zootown, USA)
Date tasted: 3/26/13
Place tasted: Every time I turned around today I kept seeing this little garden gnome smoking a pipe and grinning at me. Yep, Lar Xydefub is up to his old tricks again. I love Lar, and was more than happy to hang with him for the day. He's the kind of guy who hides indigo secrets in silk pockets; a guy who keeps his paintings to himself. He is quick to pass you his pipe or share a glass of wine and a giggle with you though, or take you for a walk like his own giant human pet. 
An interesting friend on a warm blessed day in early springtime is a great place to taste the wine. 
Served with: Baghali Polo-Persian rice & lamb. It's great with lamb. Think big; grilled red meat, hearty stew, venison, strong cheeses and dark chocolates. Stay away from more subtle, mild foods. 
Appearance: Light garnet with a rusty orange etherial glow.
On the snoot: Big snoot full of cherry blossom, grass & wet earth. On the exhale is a hint of bullwhips and sandalwood. 
Taste: Tart cherry pie mellowed by licorice spice, tar, and leather. A thick musty energy travels throughout, lightly dusted with a gentle layer of tannin. Finish is a playful wet kiss full of talent and technique developed specifically for your pleasure. 
Balance: Nice medium balance with long symmetrical legs. A little on the acid side with none of those icky residual sugars we don't particularly care for. Shows classy and refined amounts of alcohol and tannin...nothing overstated.
Comments: It made me think of a guys locker room, in a good way. The glistening pheromone infused sweat beads pouring from his naked well formed...
Yes, its a very tasty wine. I find this one masculine in nature. Let him breathe for an hour or more to really enjoy at full potential. 

Rating: 3.8 tipsys