Monday, October 15, 2012

Potel-Aviron Julienas
Cru Beaujolais 08'

Naked Wine Review 107
Wine: Cru Beaujolais Red Wine 
Grape Variety: Gamay
Producer: Potel-Aviron
Vintage: 08'
Region: France>Burgundy>Cru Beaujolais>Julienas
Price: 17.00
Date tasted: 10/10/12
Place tasted: I don't know. Where the hell was I? Honestly, I don't think anyone has ever been to THAT place before, naked or otherwise. It was cold. It was dry. It was sunny, and it was hot as well. The last thing I remember I can't remember...know what I mean? I think God was with me, or was it Bob? Thank Dionysus there was a good bottle of wine there so I could at least go mad in style. 
To the Cult of the Souls! 
Cheers All.
Served with: Fried green tomatoes with dollop of Greek yogurt, and marinated grilled chicken. Her light floral nature goes well with dishes that most white wines also agree with, such as chicken and vegetables; she will also work well with simply prepared red meats. She's pretty versatile; you could even serve chilled if that's your thing. Avoid with seafood or heavy cream sauces.   
Appearance: A very light and clear garnet with burnt orange refractions. She'll light up your glass when she pours into it.
On the snoot: Sandalwood and strawberry combine in a haunting perfume. Quite heavy on the sandalwood, she has an enchanting presence. Love the snoot.
Taste: She makes a grand and unforgettable entrance dressed in rich flavors of juicy strawberry, bright and quenching without being sharp or edgy. Earth and wood incorporate with jammy fruit and just a sprinkle of pepper in mid palate. Finishes long and satisfying with soft tannin and a slight hint of tobacco. 
Balance: Medium to light weight with beautifully toned legs. She packs a fair amount of acid; light on tannin and alcohol, sugar too, for that matter; thin, but healthy and full of energy. She's happy, well balanced and sane. I wonder what that's like? 
Comments: From what I've heard of Beaujolais I did not expect to be that impressed. Wrong! I am simply smitten. She is bursting with depth and character. A well dressed, poised, and brilliant woman of a wine...not the giggling little girl that I expected. (don't tell the 08' I said this, but I bet the 09' might be even better...well, you know those 09's have a reputation ;) 

Rating: 3.8 tipsys