Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chateau Bonnet Red Bordeaux Controlee 09'

Naked Wine Review 106
Wine: Red Bordeaux 
Grape Variety: 50% Cabernet 50% Merlot
Estate: Chateau Bonnet
Producer: S.C.E.A. Les Vignobles Andre Lurton
Vintage: 09'
Region: France>Bordeaux>Bordeaux Controlee
Bottling Location: Mis En Bouteille Au Chateau (bottled at the chateau)
Price: 15.00 seems to be the average cost
Date tasted: September, it's all been the same day this month. 
Short month, long day.
Place tasted: I tasted this wine comfortably in the memory of a rainy day. I was remembering what air was like and how much I really used to enjoy breathing it. I miss the days before the fires and smoke when undines fell from the sky, singing and gently tapping at my window beckoning me to join in their liquatious celebration. 
Until we meet again, I will smile with delight in anticipation of our inevitable joyous reunion. Cin Cin!
Served with: Grilled sirloin steak & ratatouille. Complements with medium to strong flavors such as herby pasta dishes, grilled red meats, hard cheeses, dark chocolate, and wild wild women. 
Appearance: Deep cherry red draped in darkness moving with slow viscosity through someone else's moonlight. 
On the snoot: Heady and provocative, with a warm bouquet of black cherry, sweet pipe tobacco, and vintage leather.
Taste: There's that black cherry again, but there's also a plum tree in the orchard. She's a mouthful of fruit leading to a place where smoky leather gently pats the naked fannies of multiple seductive tannins. In the afterglow, lingering visions of cocoa, earth, and peppercorn leave the palate euphoric and wandering through a long, well defined finish. 
Balance: Medium to full bodied and perfectly balanced with no aspect dominant or missing. She's smooth and dry with the gentle nature, poise, and grace of royalty. Long live the queen.
Comments: Now THAT'S a Bordeaux! She's delightful company and eternally sexy, kinda like Catherine Deneuve.  

Rating: 4 tipsys

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