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Man Vinters Pinotage 09'

Naked Wine Review 89
Wine: Pinotage
Producer: Man Vintners
Vintage: 09'
Region: South Africa>Suider Paarl
Price: 11.00
Date tasted: 1/5/12
Place tasted: In a fiery fog that burned my vision and blurred my skin. Some inner creature cried out for justice but all I could do was watch as layer after layer of who I'd come to know as 'me' peeled away from the sights of onlookers, though few in number. If an inspired four octave mezzo soprano sings in the forest and no one hears her, did she make a sound? Hum... What about if she falls?
And as I sat and pondered whether I really needed to be seen or heard to actually exist, I took comfort in the reality of the brilliant glass of wine in my hand that I was holding onto for dear life; all red and wet and juicy, with just the right amount of fur. I knew at that moment everything was going to be ok. The wine sees. The wine hears; and she breathes only to please me. So what can I say? I'm pleased...
...and I think I might even exist.
Serve with: Pinotage goes beautifully with a wide variety of cheeses, and hearty red meats. It is especially nice with lamb.
I prepared Frikadeller (Danish Meatballs) and I must admit they brought out the best in each other. 
Appearance: She presents draped in vintage red velvet; calming you with her Lambert cherry red and lustrous burnt orange aura. 
On the snoot: are dense berries, licorice spice, trolls feet, and a little windex; but don't let that scare you, it's a beautifully exotic bouquet. 
Taste: Juicy berry and tobacco fairies do the dance of peace around your neighbors towering oak tree. They go tossing peppercorns into the air and chanting with the breath of the Buddha to calm and center the scattered palate. Smokey tannins sing one last note before they break down into a gentle lingering finish. Ah, wine zen...
focused, centered, and clear. 
Balance: She has a truly beautiful body. Those naked legs that run down the sides of your glass are simply captivating. Light on sugar with plenty of soft gentle tannin; slightly acid but still smooth.
Comments:  Let her breathe a while before imbibing. The oxygen mellows the tannin, brings up the bouquet, and blends the flavors together. 
So lets all take a moment to appreciate, and fascinate over wine as a living, changing, and breathing entity. Enjoy as you will, her divine liquid majesty.
Cin, Cin
Rating: 3.6 tipsys

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