Monday, September 12, 2011

Hyatt Vineyards Merlot 05'

Naked Wine Review 82
Wine: Merlot
Producer: Hyatt Vineyards
Vintage: 05'
Region: Washington>Yakima Valley
Price: 6.00 
Date tasted: 09/11/11
Place tasted: I was tired from chasing lazer bugs around all day on the powdery surface of a glowing harvest moon. So I brushed myself off and then sat back down on the Earth to rest. When I looked up, my attention fell liquid into a mirror of starry light shining in twinkles and orbs above me. I suddenly felt very much at home in my body; and on my rock.
It was a distinct pleasure to share this wine with that moment. 
Serve with: Italian Roasted Veggies along side pasta and pesto with parmesan. It would also go nicely with steak, pork chops, or lamb.
Appearance: Vintage dark amber light over glowing 70's garnet colored lava.
On the snoot: A pheromonic raspberry and licorice spice perfume.
Taste: Rich black cherry and cracked pepper served on the old spare wheel from a classic Bentley S2. Sexy soft tannins with naked curves lovingly embrace the palate then mellow into a delightfuly dry and satisfying finish. A wine of true aesthetic, esthetic, and blissthetic nature. 
Balance: She's a lovely elegant lady and a well toned athlete as well. Low on sugar with just enough acid to send you on a safe and happy trip.
Comments: You can relax and delight in her experience, confidence, and uniquely manicured character. If Merlots have been disappointing you lately, get yourself a bottle of this and renew your faith in the grape!   
Rating: 3.5 tipsys 
excellent value