Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baron de Barbon Reserva Rioja 04'

Naked Wine Review 70
Wine: Baron de Barbon Reserva Rioja
Variety: Tempranillo
Producer: Bodegas Muriel
Vintage: 04' 
Region: Spain> La Rioja
Price: 21.00
Date tasted: 3/16/11
Place tasted: Stylin' and smilin' at the Chateau Cherlin & Kyle; located at the corner of Heaven and Childs Laughter Lane. 
Served with: Perfectly barbecued Lamb and Elk Steak; an excellent pairing. It's quite a bold wine so goes well with red meats and strong cheeses such as No Woman & Flagship(go to: Beecher's), Cabrales Bleu, Stilton, and things of that nature. I'm getting hungry now; how about you?
Appearance: Gaze into the eyes of Dionysus and experience that rich burnt garnet twinkle with a deep intimate tawny glow.
On the snoot: Pungent and intoxicating burst of testosterone with a sort of smoky tobacco essence. Carries romantic snoot memories of strolling with your best friend through an enchanted forest, holding hands and snacking on cherries. 
Taste: A rich and charming wine with toasted tar soaked cherry and a kind of burnt carmel sweat. He's a sexy, earthy, naked god who walks around in cedar shoes and then fades from the palate with eloquence and grace, leaving you with a mouth full of soft, silky tannins and a lingering kiss of wet red fruit. 
Balance: That's wine integrity clinging to the sides of your glass. Soft tannins with no residual sugar to muck it up, but not so much acid that it makes your mouth dry and uncomfortable either. It's a beautiful thing.
Comments: If you can find it, buy it. You will be glad you did. Share in love and friendship, and you will be eternally blessed and happy.
Rating: 4 super star