Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rihaku "Wondering Poet"

Naked Wine Review 66
Wine: Junmai Ginjo Sake
Producer: Rihaku Shuzo
Vintage: 03/09
Region: Japan
Price: 14.00
Date tasted: 02/01/11
Place tasted: I was still nursing a broken tail from last weeks tragic accident of unknown origin, and looking forward to at least being able to enjoy a nice home cooked Chinese meal. Lucky for me, this meal was accompanied by the gentle warmth and kindness of Rihaku Sake in a cute little porcelain cup. For the record, this sake is recommended to be served slightly chilled. I tried it that way as well, and it was indeed probably the best way to go. Anyway, as I sat there on my memory foam pillow and bag of frozen popcorn, full meal before me, I closed my eyes and was transported to a beautiful Asian world surrounded by the scent of Night Blooming Jasmine, the rare melonana fruit, and a peaceful healing herbal glow. As I began to imbibe, it felt as though I were sipping sacred dew from an exotic magical flower. 
Serve with: Appetizer: Chicken Siomai. Main Dish: Bourbon Chicken, and sticky white rice. These are very easy to prepare and an excellent pairing with the Sake. Food that is too strong in any facet – spicy, rich, hot – will overpower sake. It's very nice to have with Peking Duck on Valentines Day. Those were the only good V. Days I ever remember having, and they were great! Thanks JH.
Appearance: Clear and bright, like white light sparkling, with just a kiss of early golden sunshine. She has the body and spirit of a woodland faerie as she dances on moonbeams in an enchanted forest.
On the snoot: A tropical breeze. Subtle, comforting, and calming to the poor little anxious snoot. 'There, there, little fella, all better now.'
Taste: A tropical blanket of banana and soft melon combine to warm the palate. There is also a distinct yet oh so gentle, naked clean brightness, that seems to have a direct effect on ones awareness of the aquamarine light that shines around the throat area. It's nice, I like it. I think you will as well. It leaves a soft warming sensation as it fades... into another sip. Smile and enjoy.
Balance: The incredibly delicate balance among acid, alcohol and sweet is remarkable. A most inspired trio, in perfect harmony.
Comments: There are 5 basic types of sake, see
I don't know why I don't drink sake more often. It is a unique and delicate flower that deserves much more attention than given in the west. Try it, and then try it again. You can't not love it, you just cant!

Rating: 4 stars