Friday, February 18, 2011

La Posta Malbec 08'

Naked Wine Review 67
Wine: Malbec
Producer: La Posta
Vintage: 08'
Region: Mendoza, Argentina
Price: A most thoughtful gift; around $20
Date tasted: 12/25/10
Place tasted: (Flashback) I woke up in 'Spirit of Christmas Town' surrounded with the love of family and friends both near and far. In person, I was blessed with the exceptional company of Mike, Susan, Mom, and the Kat Woman, with whom I shared a perfect day, wonderful meal, and a lovely bottle of Malbec (thank you Mike & Susan).
Serve with: It was great with Christmas ham, but would also be really wonderful with this Argentine Lentil Stew recipe I found.
Appearance: A weighty ruby blood-like appearance, with deep inner rusty refractional nuances.
On the snoot: Blueberries & violets combine in an exotic offering to honor the satisfied snoot.
Taste: Explosive blueberry upon impact, accompanied by a gentle mix of orange and cocoa. She then blends with an etherial pepper spiciness, lingering hard in mid palate. On the finish expect to be challenged with dense, chewy, tannins.
Balance: Very dry and twiggiesque. Let breathe an hour or two before imbibing.
Comments: If you want to do something nice for someone, or as a special treat to yourself, slowly savour a bottle of La Posta Malbec and ponder for a moment. Think about all the wonderful experiences you've collected; with every sip, something to be grateful for. It's a Malbec Meditation.

Rating: 3.5 stars