Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red Blend, Columbia Crest 07'

Naked Wine Review 54
Wine: Two Vines Vineyard 10 Red-Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, Grenache, Mourvèdre
Producer: Columbia Crest
Vintage: 07'
Region: Washington State
Price: 8.00
Date tasted: 10/13/10
Place tasted: Cuddled up in bed with a rerun of the Henry Rollins Show. I would like to thank Mr. Rollins for his IFC series; Black Flag; and for introducing me to the Mars Volta.
Served with a nice chunk of Gouda and a naughty hunk of Stilton. Also on the plate: Macintosh apples, orange honeydew melon, celery, water crackers, and Fran's glorious chocolate filled figs; available from Fran's Chocolates, Seattle Washington.
Appearance: Fully saturated garnet red with purple highlights, not unlike the brilliant blooms of the most beautiful Root Beer Truffle.
Bouquet: Astringent at first, then a kind of chocolate expression on the exhale. Some call it a vanilla, I call it a chocolate...blade-um-hmm. Go figure.
The taste is like that of a robust white chocolate cherry dipped genie wearing cinnamon spice cologne, drinking a cup of coffee, holding a leather whip, and offering you three wishes. I wonder what the whip is for? The wrap up involves soft elegant tannins clinging to the edges of a firm, long, lingering finish. Very nice.
Balance: Meaty, but well proportioned and beautiful, with chubby little legs on it's lovely androgynous body.
Comments: This angelic character sings big and operatic; probably prefers Richard Wagner. It's a great wine for licking off the ass of your naked best friend...or you could just drink it and watch t.v...up to you.

rating:3.5 stars