Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chianti, Fontana D' Italia 08'

Naked Wine Review 53
Producer:Fontana D' Italia
Date tasted:9/30/10
Place tasted:With a good friend, in the traditional 'dinner and a movie' style. We watched Mary and Max. We loved Mary and Max.
Served with:Chicken Cacciatore, pasta, and fresh french bread; and for desert, mango sorbet. This wine and this meal were paired in heaven!
Appearance:Smiling ruby red in a glass.
Bouquet:Citrus perfume with a tiny hint of vanilla.
Taste:Breezy and bright, but doesn't fly away on the palate like some Chianti's tend to do. Wonderful depth of character with dry celery and orange blossom tickles. The finish has a short duration and is laced with soft round tannins.
Balance:Thin and light but with all the beauty and brilliance Phair!
Comments:How about that. And I didn't think I even liked Chianti. Remember, you may know less about yourself and the world around you than you think. Keep searching with an open mind, and let your opinions go as quickly as they arrive; for there is no absolute truth, and stability is overrated.
p.s. Naked

rating:3.5 stars