Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Red Blend, The Stump Jump 08'

naked wine review 51
wine:Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre
producer:the Stump Jump
region:South Australia
date tasted:9/22/10
place tasted:i don't know, i was blindfolded; there was a conversation going on between a skinny sounding guy and the voice of what i think was a rabbit woman. they were discussing the color of the Autumn trees and what time the full moon would rise. when i said i was thirsty, they poured me a glass of this stuff. they then removed my blindfold so i could help build a fire. the rabbit woman showed us how to roast bok choy on a stick. it tasted great! any time can be a good time i guess.
served with:bok choy....roasted on a stick. blue cheeses and foods that are lacking in 'sweet' would make a nice contrast to this wine.
appearance:garnet, with rusty highlights.
bouquet:a dense heavy fruit on the snoot. it reminds me of the scent you inhale while walking through thick fog after a heavy rain, past a naked man hanging by his knees from the branch of a large oak tree. that's good, i think.
taste:tender sweet berry and cinnamon dominate the first wet, lingering kiss. she then gently saunters away exposing her smooth, round, Rubenesque tail end; which is pretty and soft, but a little cliche' and 'nice' for this naughty little wine witch.
balance:full fact a little chubby for my taste.
comments:it's a 'goodie two shoes' wine. if you want your innocence back, this wine will give it to you. i prefer a wine that can both respect and interact with my shameless hedonistic nature.

rating:2.8 stars