Monday, September 13, 2010

Red Blend, Li Veli 08'

naked wine review 50
wine:Salento Primitivo
producer:Li Veli
date tasted:9/12/10
place tasted:on the top of the head of David Boreanaz! how did i get here? why am i so tiny? oh shit, is that a comb? gotta run.....
served with a rabbit plate, featuring: farmers market apples, melon, and carrots; along with Dubliner Cheese, celery, fresh baked bread, and Camp Tuffit rose hip butter.
appearance:a light ruby red rose with rusty edges.
bouquet:testosterone and full on hedonistic pheromones dominate the unsuspecting snoot as you inhale. excuse me, i have to go blow my nose now.
taste:dense vanilla soaked cherry and sour apple, wrapped in carmel and baked into a gingerbread castle surrounded by a peppercorn mote. dry, medium bodied, with teensy soft little tannins on the finish. soooo nice.
balance:perfect, thin, but not at all weak. moves around the glass like a beautiful....well, remember that sexy, skinny guy you dated in your 20's who had but one redeeming quality? it's like him; only it kicks that guys skinny ass.
comments:he possesses a most unique and beautiful character. pour yourself a glass and enjoy his naked company again and again. cin cin.

rating:3.8 stars