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Maraia Barbera del Monferrato 13'

Maraia Barbera del Monferrato 13'

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Wine: Maraia Barbera del Monferrato
Grape: 100% Barbera
Producer: Marchesi di Barolo
Vintage: 13'
Region: Italy>Piedmont
Price: 12.00
Date tasted: 4/1/15
Place tasted: Contemplating the upcoming seed moon and with an air of optimism, I sipped this light and lovely wine and sent visions of health and beauty out to the universe that it might send them back to me tenfold. 
Have you ever felt that you've just emerged from a cocoon, wings all wet and heavy but beautiful and filled with the inspiring potential of flight? That's where I was when I tasted this wine, grateful for every breath I took, and every movement I could make. 
Served with: I had it with Mushroom Bolognese on tagliatelle pasta. It was fabulous! Due to the high and bright acidity of this wine, best stay away from rich buttery cream sauces and the like. 
Appearance: A red rainbow of pure pomegranate with glowing violet refractions. She has a thin body and slow forming bulbous legs. It's like watching a gentle spring rain stream down weeping windows. 
On the snoot: A powerful bouquet of wild flowers and cherry cotton candy.
Taste: Bright juicy raspberry and a little pie cherry give her honest beauty and elegance. Proudly naked she wears only a halo of star anise and bathes in a cold mountain stream running over minerals and stone. Finish is full and quenching if not a little fast. 
Balance: A nice medium/light well balanced experience with brilliant shining acids; no residual sugars; lively alcohol and minimal tannins. 
Comments: Life is not about living up to expectations, yours or anyone else's. Life is about perceiving and collecting experiences; being observant and curious; forming your own thoughts and ideas. You were not put here to do and think what you are told. You Chose to be in human form that you might express the divine intelligence that is uniquely and eternally part of you. This form is capable of great accomplishments, and these senses are capable of filling you with immeasurable joy. As far as I'm concerned, "the wine alone was worth the trip".
(twist on a quote from the movie K-PAX... just the bit in "quotes", the rest is all mine)
Wine Comments: It's a light and quenching mouthful. A good spring and summer wine. Throw a bottle in your picnic basket with a nice antipasto spread and go have a memorable experience with a good friend.
To being happy and free, cin cin.

Rating: 3.7 tipsys

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