Thursday, November 6, 2014

Locations Wine I-1 Italy
Red Wine by Dave Phinney

Naked Wine Review 155

Wine: Red Blend 
Producer: Locations
Vintage: 11' 
Region: Italy
Price: 13.00
Date tasted: 11/5/14
Place tasted: I was in a comforting bubble of soft blue light floating around a dusty naked moon and making up slogans for cocktail napkins... 
why, did you see me up there? 
Served with: It went wonderfully with a Frittata. What we have here is a nice full and complex wine that would pair well with herby red sauces, grilled meats, spicy sausage, strong cheeses, earthy vegetable dishes, and dark chocolate delights.
Appearance: Slow bulbous legs form as she gently peals from the glass like melting plastic wrap... fun to watch. She swims in opaque tones of garnet swirled around a glowing light of dark pumpkin orange. Very pretty.
On the snoot: Welcome a strong punch to the snoot filled with sweet fruit, wet grass and Dutch black licorice; so good I'd call it aromatherapy.
Taste: Ripe bursts of cherry, mineral, and star anise mingling with earthy mushroom and a hint of vanilla are immediately revealed. She's a mouthful of big velvety smoothness. Finish is long, hot, and juicy with fine plush tannins throughout. 
Balance: Sugar to acid ratio are even and complementary along with soft luscious tannins and heady alcohol, all well integrated into a beautiful structure. Just admire and let her breath a bit before diving in. 
Comments: Complex, interesting, and strong in character. An all around perfect wine. I loved it.

Rating: 4 tipsys

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