Friday, June 27, 2014

Petite Petit 11'

Naked Wine Review 147

Wine: Petite Petit
Grapes: 85% Petite Sirah, 15% Petit Verdot
Producer: Michael David Winery
Vintage: 11'
Region: California>Lodi Appellation 
Date tasted: 6/25/14
Place tasted: I'm not sure, it was really dark there and it smelled like burnt toast. I was being held captive... again. I was very pleased when they finally brought me this bottle of wine to drink. Approaching like ghosts they came, hollow, darning hooded black capes. They had pointy metal spikes that sprouted from lumpy green brows, and a pungent black perspiration oozed like crude oil from their pours (I could swear I saw Bill Gates among them). Anyway, as I sipped my wine and planned a miraculous escape from the belly of the great beast I wondered quietly to myself... 'Where in the hell is the cavalry?'... Well?
Served with: Roasted Carrots & Shallots with Oil-Cured Olives & Gremolata. It's a robust spicy wine so go ahead and pair it with robust spicy foods, herby pasta/vegetable dishes, grilled red meats, lamb, venison, strong hearty cheeses, dark chocolate delights and things of that nature.
Appearance: Inky black purple with an opaque onyx glow.
On the snoot: Blueberry & leather combine in a powerful punch to the snoot. Nice. 
Taste: Big! A meaty and stunning Xena Warrior Princess. Bold black fruit and peppercorn ride on floods of soft polished tannins. Old leather, cocoa, and earthy undertones fill out the complexity of her character and linger through a long delightfully dry finish. 
Balance: She sports the body of a naked Amazon with slow bulbous legs flowing in waves, one after the other. Comes out of the bottle pretty hot but softens nicely as she breathes. Well balanced sugars and acids, with masses of soft cushy tannins.
Comments: You may taste vanilla and not cocoa as my palate seems to consistently confuse the two. Still, I taste cocoa, so I say cocoa. The winemaker says vanilla. Either way, it's a very tasty bold and exciting wine drinking experience well worth having. I quite enjoyed it. If you like a bold red with lots of tannin, you'll quite enjoy it as well.

Rating: 3.7 tipsy's