Monday, July 22, 2013

The Den Pinotage 10'

Naked Wine Review 125

Wine: The Den Pinotage
Producer: Jeremy Borg and The Painted Wolf Wines Pack
Vintage: 10'
Region: South Africa>Suider Paarl
Price: 10.00
Date tasted: 7/19/13
Place tasted: I was thinking about your tacky old Hawaiian print tennis shoes and how they so nicely accessorized your 'cool supermodel incognito' image.
Remember all the times we laughed in rose colored bubbles, sipping honey mead left for us by our faerie friends near the rivers edge? I'd give a penny to Satan for one more day like that, but neither he nor God can be found duking it out anywhere anymore. 
Somehow the deeply delicious Pinotage in my glass reminds me that all good things never really come to an end; they simply take turns entering into and emerging back out of my closet of landscapes and personas. It is of great comfort to know I'll see you again one day my friend. And on this evening soaked in the blackest of cosmic tar, the moon shines brighter for all that is good and right, here and now.
Cheers and peace to all beings in every dimension.
Served with: Steak au Poivre and steamed new potatoes. It would go well with lamb, grilled red meats, herby pasta dishes, strong cheeses, dark chocolate and things of that nature.
Appearance: Classic inky garnet. 
On the snoot: A powerful musky pherimonal hit with layers of smoke and early morning dew on a bramble patch.
Taste: Berry jam compote carried on currents of rich tars, aromatic basil, and chewy licorice root. Big majestic tannins throughout gather to the center of your tongue and gently pat the palate as they slowly fade, carrying this wines rainbow of luscious flavors off with them on a slow and fleshy finish. Love it.
Balance: Smooth full bodied with long sticky legs. Not too hot, not too sweet, not too acid….just right. Beautifully balanced with plenty of plush dense and delightful tannins.
Comments: Pinotage is rare gem among wines to me. I would love to see more of it around. With its full body, alluring color, and that rich earthy tobacco-tar nature it is just so impressive and satisfying. Lets get more Pinotage in the markets. The world needs more...Visualize Pinotage! 

Rating: 4 dancing naked tipsys, excellent value