Friday, January 11, 2013

Girard Cabernet Sauvignon 09'

Naked Wine Review 113
Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon 
Producer: Girard Winery
Vintage: 09'
Region: California>Napa County>Sonoma
Price: 23.00
Date tasted: 1/10/13
Place tasted: The sky was rich and dark with snow, and somewhere in the distance a hoot owl echoed in deep colors of luminous melancholy. In my survival kit was a bottle of wine, a thermos of hot chili, Bob, and for some reason a New Years Eve noise maker. The budding crescent moonlight reflected my mood beyond the light of sun as I snowshoed my way to a warm fireplace and the comfort of a dear friend. 
Served with: We had it with my own hot chili mole, which is of course the best chili ever! It is very food friendly, just stay away from fish, cream sauces and more subtle flavors and you'll be fine.
Appearance: A black garnet facade that cannot quite hide her deep glowing amethyst soul.
On the snoot: Fragrant notes of sweet cherry, wet mineral, and a little basil rise to bless the happy snoot.
Taste: Rich jammy fig, black current, and pomegranate rest comfortably on a posh blanket of vanilla and coffee bean with well integrated tannins throughout. Finish is dry and bright with fruit yet heavy with leather and earth which slowly crescendos into an orgasmic release of pure palate satisfaction. Whew, is anyone else warm?
Balance: Beautifully balanced with all the proportions I find most attractive in a fine red wine; warm, yet no sticky residual sugars, high in alcohol and acid, and plenty of chewy tannins. 
Comments: Let her breathe and notice how she opens up like an exotic flower. She's a smooth, dry, complex, and most tasty cabernet. 
I cannot wait to try more Girard varieties.

Rating: 4 delightful tipsys

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