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Chateau Puech-Haut
Le Prestige 10'

Naked Wine Review 110
Wine: Chateau Puech-Haut Le Prestige
Grape Variety: 60% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 5% Mourvedre, and 5% Carignan 
Producer: Philipee Cambie & Eric Solomon
Vintage: 10'
Region: France>Languedoc Roussillon>Languedoc>Coteaux du Languedoc>Saint-Drezery
Price: 20.00
Date tasted: 11/27/12
Place tasted: I grabbed my bottle of wine and made sure I was packing a reliable cork screw and balloon glass. Then I danced right through that magic portal into a land of lavender scented rain, waterfalls, and ocean shores. There I sipped my wine in the company of glowing madrona's and colorful starfish; the warm soothing song of the faeries lulling me into sweet serenity. 
Served with: Italian spinach sausage pie would be good. Serve with strong, sturdy flavors such as lamb, venison, and other red meats. Things like herby red sauces, sharp cheddar or bleu cheese, and rich dark chocolate are good choices as well. Avoid more subtle flavors such as cream sauces and fish. She can handle a fair amount of spice and begs to be somewhat challenged when pairing with food. 
Appearance: Rich ruby velvet muted with a soft glowing antique light, inspiring memories of quiet old books and simpler times.
On the snoot: I see a woman standing in the kitchen of an old country cottage picking spices from a cupboard. There's a vase of fragrant fresh cut flowers bursting forth from the heavy dark oak table behind her. She's preparing a variety of berry pies, tarts, and jams to sell at tomorrows community marketplace. This wine embodies the scent of that image.
Taste:  Dense, dry and complex, she is a vision dressed in black current, anise, and cracked pepper. A mouthful of pleasing elements such as earth, mineral and wood accessorize her charming demeanor. The long full and satisfying finish with plentiful soft tannins leaves your palate feeling joyfully blessed and spiritually grounded.
Balance: She is perfectly balanced; focused, centered and clear in her intention. She moves slow like lava and displays a full sensuous naked body with no one particular feature dominating another. 
Comments: This wine takes place in a different time. It's as if you can taste the ancestors in the grapes flowing through ancient vines, like the blood in all of us.

Rating: 4 tipsys

p.s....Just for you:
You are one of a kind. You are here to bless the earth and her beings in your own special way, and your life has meaning. Do not allow 'the Borg' or anyone else to convince you that you are anything less than this. 
Here's to you and your beautiful self!
Cin Cin

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