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14 Hands Hot to Trot Red Blend 09'

Naked Wine Review 100
Wine: Hot to Trot Red Blend
Producer: 14 Hands Winery
Vintage: 09'
Region: Washington State
Price: 11.00
Date tasted: 6/25/12
Place tasted: I was with my family years ago on a camping trip to Flathead Lake's Yellow Bay. We played charades and laughed until our sides ached. My little brother and I used to race empty pop cans down a little stream leading to the lake, each having our own special design to make our can the fastest. The swimming was great, once the ice cold water numbed your body. My older brother and sister would play pinochle with Mom and Dad and as I observed them I wondered if I would ever comprehend the complexities of that game. Shoot the moon? What? At the end of each day we gathered to share the same sunset; the same earth and sky; and the same wonderfully insane family. 
May your memories be blessed; past, present, and future. Cheers!
Served with: I enjoyed it with Italian Sausage/Apple Meatballs on Pasta w/Pine nuts. It would go well with any herby, red sauce pasta dish; grilled meats; medium to strong cheeses; or dark chocolate sauce on a naked friend....
but never, ever with lemon cake! That is just a murder/suicide combination, so please don't do that.
Appearance: Garnet so dense and opaque that if you gaze into it and really focus, you can see the present!
On the snoot: Complex and pungent bouquet of rich dark fruits wrapped in pastry accented with etherial spirits of oak, soft moss on wet rock, and vanilla tobacco. I think the snoot is her most lovely feature. 
Taste: Black current and dark berry fruit combine with baking spice, cocoa, and damp earth. Subtle oak and enlightened tannins from Zenland were added to inspire a calming, velvety smooth finish. She is mantra to the palate.
Balance: Acids, sugars, tannins, and alcohol blend together in a beautifully choreographed dance of perfect unity & balance.
Comments: Celebrate the love of family, as well as the strength of your independence and freedom with a bottle of 14 Hands Hot to Trot. A hearty thanks to my sister, Molly, for this tasty gift of wine. 
Rating: 3.8 tipsys 

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