Saturday, May 5, 2012

Almansa La Huella de Adaras
Red Blend 08'

Naked Wine Review 96
Wine: Almansa La Huella de Adaras-Red Blend of 60%Garnache Tintorera, 30% Monastrell, and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon 
Producer: Bodegas Almansenas
Vintage: 08'
Region: Spain>Almansa
Price: 13.00
Date tasted: 3/19/12>Vernal Equinox
Place tasted: I was hiding out in a parallel universe as another version of me moved through her day. Same car; different bumper stickers. You put those there, didn't you? I, however, am NOT my bumper stickers. I agreed with myself to pay them no heed, keep the car on the road, and continue to drive and observe. After my identity perception shifted into a more comfortable and seemingly honest zone, I sat down with myself and we both took great comfort in a large glass of wine. I know who I am.... and so do I. I'm sure you all can relate to this, right? So have a glass of wine and try to lighten up and relax. It's only life.
Served with:  A great steak wine, have it with a nice grilled ribeye; also would work well with red sauced pasta dishes, strong cheeses, and bold appetizers. 
Appearance: Deep ruby with a glowing purple aura.
On the snoot: Earth, mineral, herb, and spice combine with a sort of sour cherry candy scent; inspired and eccentric.
Taste: Very dry with heavy spice and basil-forward herbaceousness. Fruit hides around corners and lingers only in the background like a whispered rumor. Sour cherry with licorice shadows dance around the mid-palate before moving into a perfectly dry finish riddled with tiny triangular tannins. Her fully integrated ghost lingers to haunt the back of your throat before ascending into the light. 
Balance: A beautiful naked body with lovely svelte luscious legs. 
Comments: She's a bright young lady with plenty of talent and intelligence, but very little life experience. I think she'll show more warmth and depth of character in a few years. I'd say buy a bottle and hang on to it for a little while or at least let her breath at least an hour before imbibing.
Rating: 3.6 tipsys