Friday, April 6, 2012

Kung Fu Girl Riesling 10'

Naked Wine Review 94
Wine: Kung Fu Girl Riesling
Producer: Charles Smith Wines
Vintage: 10'
Region: Washington>Columbia Valley>Mattawa
Price: 11.00
Date tasted: 3/15/12 
Place tasted: There I was, hiding from a rampant, Locknar possessed, freak show of weird beings.....again! Pull the curtain; don't look into its eyes. 
Safe there I was in my sanctuary of himalayan negative ions, crystal protection, voice magic, and a smudging of Nag Champa. 
Safe, I sipped the wine, and took the time, to peacefully ponder my next move in the big game. 
Served with: Moscato marinated, cedar plank barbecued Salmon
on wild rice & basmatti.
Appearance: A very light golden color, freckled with tiny bubbles that cling to the sides of the glass; quite pretty.
The snoot: is a naked walk through a Wenatchee apple orchard in late summer sunshine; subtle and lovely.
Taste: Fruit forward with flavors of pear, apricot, and apple dominating. She's a bright, intelligent wine with just enough sweetness to make her very comfortable to hang out with. Finish is juicy and uplifting with an etherial mineral spirit. 
Balance: yes.
Comments: Refreshing and easy to drink. Remember this one for hot summer day picnics, relaxing along side a cool mountain stream with your naked best friend :) Hang on everyone, summer's coming!
Rating: a 4 tipsy riesling; you can't go wrong with any Charles Smith Wines.
He's a wine makin' rock star!

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