Sunday, August 28, 2011

Alamos Malbec 10'

Naked Wine Review 80
Wine: Malbec
Producer: Alamos
Vintage: 10'
Region: Argentina>Mendoza
Price: 12.00
Date tasted: 8/23/11
Place tasted: I had been kidnapped by monsters for three very long days. I was tortured, beaten, and brutalized. Thankfully on the third day I escaped and hid in what some would refer to as 'housekeeping quarters', whatever. Back home in what is actually a splendid little palace I opened a bottle of this beautiful glowing nectar and relaxed in a hot tub of epsom salts; chanting in Hindu and sipping in gratitude until all the 'happy' infused back into my being. I have never met a monster that could not be defeated. Durga Ma! May all beings everywhere be happy and free. 
Serve with: I enjoyed it with stuffed zucchini. With it's fruit forward impact and soft dry finish, it would pair well with all manor of quality beef, lamb, duck, or heavily herbed pasta dishes.
Appearance: Soft violet mumbles combine with dense black cherry and twinkle in the eye of the beholder. 
On the snoot: A brilliant powerful aroma of rich berry, celery, and sandy ocean beaches. 
Taste: Black cherry and dark berry combine on impact then give way to an etherial layer of spice and earth. Subtle tannin that gets bigger as you chew interacts with oak for a lingering, and intensely satisfying dry finish.
Balance: Nicely balanced. Full red lips, defined cheek bones, and sinewy luscious naked body. 
Comments: A fine bottle of wine with many redeeming qualities that speak well for her. Let breath for at least an hour before imbibing. Then enjoy and embrace the goodness in this, the one and only moment.  
Rating: 3.5 Tipsys

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