Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Red Blend, La Huella de Adaras 07'

Naked Wine Review 63

Wine: La Huella de Adaras, Almansa Red Wine-60% tintorera, 30% monastrell and 10% cabernet sauvignon
Producer: Bodegas Almansenas, SL
Vintage: 07'
Region: Spain
Price: 13.50
Date tasted: 12/20/10
Place tasted: Well it all started when I got back from my yearly Winter Solstice moon journey. I was wandering around, disoriented and thirsty when I noticed this beautiful bottle on the beach. I pulled the stopper out and a swirling of soft pink smoke escaped and formed into a beautiful woman right before my eyes! She smiled graciously at me and offered to grant me three wishes. When I wished for a bottle of wine, the genie brought forth La Huella de Adaras Red 07' (due to poor phrasing, I had to spend my second wish on a corkscrew). The conversation and wine flowed well into the evening as the genie and I became fast, and fabulous friends. It was a pretty typical solstice, lunar eclipse, full moon experience. Genies are so cool. What will I do with my last wish?
Serve with: Red meat; Aged cheeses, Stilton would be good; Perfect with Basque-Style Eggplant.
Appearance: Ruby with flashes of violet light.
On the snoot: Pheromones, hot & heavy. Like Gauloises, black cherries, dense earth, and just a hint of lingering lust on the breath of your naked lovers kiss.
Taste: Black current and dense cherry fruit upon impact with creosote and tar throughout. Wet earth and mineral saturate the palate as he expands to full on girth. Licorice and cracked pepper generate powerful emotion on the long, enchanting finish; with tannins linear, gentle, and understated.
Balance: Impeccable balance; a most harmonious quartet of acidity, sugar, alcohol, and tannin. His heavy, bulbous, and rather phallic legs were a delight to contemplate.
Comments: Just a beautiful wine experience. I think I even shed a few joyful tears during imbibation. This was one of my favorite wines this year. I would like to thank the genie, and CVS Pharmacy in Zootown for their wonderful wine selections and educated suggestions. Everyone loves the wine guy!

Rating: 4 stars