Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dry Pear Wine, Ten Spoon

Naked Wine Review 60
Wine: Paradise-Dry Pear Wine
Producer: Ten Spoon Vineyard
Vintage: I don't know, they won't tell me.
Region: Montana Made-Washington Grown
Price: 10.00

Date tasted: 11/20/10
Place tasted: I was hanging out in this cave way high up in the Bob Marshall Wilderness where I had befriended a Big Foot named Darwin, which I thought was kind of ironic. I was very happy to have packed along that bottle of pear wine though. It was a nice treat after the long climb up the side of Cat View Cliff. Once in the cave, I poured us both a lovely glass of Paradise Pear. Then we plopped down in a couple of bean bag chairs, and marveled over this amazing view cave-partment, which had a real retro 70's decor with orange shag carpet, black lights, and lava lamps. It was an all around wonderful experience. This is a truly perfect wine for situations such as these.
Serve with: An appetizer of Wensleydale with cranberries, a rich and lovely English cheese; Little crackers; Little fruit of your choice. A mango would be nice. No, a mango is totally necessary! Then for dinner try Acorn squash, Baked Cod, and Fresh warm bread. I planned this meal, AND the cheese & mango, around this wine. It was a perfect pairing...paring? Pearing.
Appearance: This clear skin beauty is only slightly obfuscated with the breath of the Pear Spirits that bless her delicate structure.
On the snoot is a stroll through a late harvest orchard, crisp, ripe, floral, and fruity.
Taste: Smooth as a naked models bottom. Light, elegant, and very easy to drink. It tastes exactly like a perfect dry pear wine should. Finishes quickly with a gentle and deliberate peary kiss on the lips that will leave you wanting more. A wonderful Ten Spoon creation that absolutely ANYONE can love.
Balance: She is so very beautifully balanced and still, not unlike the silhouette of a master yogi in full King Dancer Pose at sunset.
Comments:  If I were a fairy tale witch, I'd fly south for the winter.....on a broom! Woo-Hoo!!

Rating: 3.8 stars