Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pinot Noir, Elk Cove 07'

naked wine review 48
wine:Pinot Noir
producer:Elk Cove Vineyards
vintage: 07'
date tasted:8/27/10
place tasted:Camp Tuffit Wine Tasting Extravaganza
served with:various cheeses, fruits, berries, farmers market veggies, and many other tasty goodies.
appearance:deep rusty velvet on a summer rose bathed in sunshine and blooming in Montana high mountain desert...very pretty.
bouquet:light floral cherry blossom snoot with a hint of wet earth and incense.
taste:her voice is heavy and rich, considering her mousy thin little figure. she holds strong, bouyant raspberry sphears suspended in a rich red fruit liquid with a gentle twist of lemon and served over real pretty lake rocks in a delicate frangapagni scented wine glass. her tannins are so soft, you want to pet them and name them 'fluffy'. it's very, very good.
balance:light as a feather with wispy skinny legs. dances around the glass like Ginger Rogers on the wing.
comments:this wine can inspire an uncontrolable urge to boast your bravest operatic technique; and whether you impress or embarras yourself and your friends, the pure joy felt in this moment will surly inspire and paint a little grin on the lips of the naked gods of goof.

rating:4 stars